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Post Holiday Update

Hello and Happy 2012 to everyone!  Hope everybody had a great Holiday, I know I sure did.  Over the Holiday break I got the chance to get some work done on some of the songs for my upcoming album.  Two of the songs I worked on over the break are titled "Fried Up" which mixes Country and Fusion styles and "Jack's New Swing" which is funky fusion tune paying homage to some of the 90's music of my childhood.  Hope to get more time to work on the new album this year. (It's one of my resolutions).  I'm also still very busy teaching and I now have 4 student bands that I'm teaching.  They are all doing so well and I'm very proud of them.  Gig's are picking up and will be increasing going into the spring so be sure to check the schedule for a list of all upcoming gigs.  Below is a music video for a song which I played guitar on and mixed by the band Life is Hard.  The song is called "Rest in Peace"  This was the first song I got to record using my new Mesa Boogie Mark V, an amp I've wanted for a long time.  So far I'm loving it. ENJOY!

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