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Summer 2015


I would just like to write and update on what I've been working on recently.  Over the past year I have started working on music for film and TV licensing as well as recorded,produced, and mixed songs for some local Houston artists.  I have also been playing live gigs with Ryan Harris, Dennis Davis, The Drywater Band, and Pockit Procedures.  Check out the calendar for updated dates!  I am also still enjoying my Church gig and March of Faith in Pearland every Sunday.  I have made process (albeit slow) on my new solo album.  I'm hoping to get the last tracks recorded for it very soon.  The whole album is about 70 percent done.  I'm also excited to start on a new custom built guitar that will be built by John Jagneaux.  I can't wait to play this guitar!!  Enjoy the Summer!!

Spring 2013 Update


Well, it's been a while since my last blog update.  I apologize, I've been very busy!  First off, I am very happy to announce that my wife and I are expecting and our baby Daughter Kaylee is due on July 3rd!  We are very excited to be parents!  

As for music stuff, I finished work on Life is Hard's album entitled "Rise Again" on which I played guitar, bass, and mixed many tracks and I also mastered the entire album.  I also got to play a show with Ronnie Coleman for his CD release party for his album "No Turning Back" on which I played guitar on the songs: Funk Face, Peace and Understanding, Forever my Love, and Just Because.  I am as busy as ever teaching and the recitals for my students are fast approaching.  I am very excited for my student bands to perform at the recital on Sunday, April 14 at the Stafford City Civic Center.  

I am making great progress on my next solo album.  It was hard to find time to work on it as busy as I was last year but now it's on the front burner for me!  I have been recording guitar tracks recently and hope to finish tracking before Kaylee arrives in July!  I'm looking to get the album mixed and released in the Fall of this year.  

Also coming very soon is a song I'm very excited about!  Last year I wrote a country/hip hop hybrid line dance song with Courtney Johnson and Rick Jackson entitled "Cowgirl Shuffle."  I also produced, engineered, mixed, mastered, and played guitar and bass on the song.  We shot the video last month and are just about to release the video and single on iTunes this month.  Be on the lookout for "Cowgirl Shuffle" as we hope it will be making a big splash this summer!

I am also very happy to say I am now playing every Sunday with the best Praise Band in the land at the March of Faith Church in Pearland.  Here is a short clip recorded November last year, from the end of a song called "I Know What Prayer Can Do."  Just a small sample of the great music that happens every Sunday at March of Faith while we praise the Lord!!  Shout out to Junie Wallace (drums), Earnest Prince (bass), and Kevin Graves (keys).  You guys are the best!

Post Holiday Update


Hello and Happy 2012 to everyone!  Hope everybody had a great Holiday, I know I sure did.  Over the Holiday break I got the chance to get some work done on some of the songs for my upcoming album.  Two of the songs I worked on over the break are titled "Fried Up" which mixes Country and Fusion styles and "Jack's New Swing" which is funky fusion tune paying homage to some of the 90's music of my childhood.  Hope to get more time to work on the new album this year. (It's one of my resolutions).  I'm also still very busy teaching and I now have 4 student bands that I'm teaching.  They are all doing so well and I'm very proud of them.  Gig's are picking up and will be increasing going into the spring so be sure to check the schedule for a list of all upcoming gigs.  Below is a music video for a song which I played guitar on and mixed by the band Life is Hard.  The song is called "Rest in Peace"  This was the first song I got to record using my new Mesa Boogie Mark V, an amp I've wanted for a long time.  So far I'm loving it. ENJOY!

Update for November


Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  I'm looking forward to a great holiday season.  Lately I've been busy doing session work and mixing for the Houston band "Life is Hard."  I've also been getting ready for our recitals at the music studio where we will be premiering our student bands.  I'm am very excited about this as the students and I have worked very hard to get this going and I am very proud of the students and the effort they put forth to get ready for this.  If you're interested in seeing the event it will be at the Stafford Civic Center this weekend (12th and 13th) at 4pm on Saturday and 4:30pm on Sunday.  I'm also hoping to post a new video of me playing in the next 2 weeks so stay tuned for that.  I'm also looking forward to having time to work on my original material during some of my downtime in the holiday season.  Hope everyone has great November and Thanksgiving!

Stay Tuned!


Welcome to my new website!  I will be updating and adding things over the next couple months so please check back often for updates.  Once the site is finished I will be blogging regularly with things like free guitar lessons, recording tips, and videos.  I am currently working on my next album due out in 2012 and will keep updates on the recording process.  Thanks for visiting!  

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